Hobby Night- Bushido Edition

Tim and I got together for a quiet hobby night. Coincidentally, we both worked on Bushido miniatures...

I finished assembling and basing these Oni demons for my Savage Wave faction. The bases are green stuff pressed into a stone pattern, and I added some additional random debris, including bricks, broken wood bits, and even some bits of brick from my house.

These bakemono were a lot of fun to assemble. They came with a variety of weapons and additional little bits to dress them up.

These are the Oni's human slaves. They have very delicate weapons.

Tim started base colors on these Prefecture of Ryu minis. These particular guys came from the Rise of Kage board game, and can be used in games of Bushido.

These guys are a little further along.

These are not Bushido minis, but Tim started some detail work on them anyway.

I also finished assembling my final Ironheart Artisans paint rack. I am clearly still working on organizing my paint area, but these racks are a great step in that direction.


Hopefully we will have another hobby night soon. What do you want to see us working on?

2 responses to “Hobby Night- Bushido Edition

  1. Looking good guys.

    I’ll have to give those greenstuff molds a try sometime.

  2. Thanks for hasting a hobby night, Josh. In case anyone is wondering, those other minis I was working on are from one of Wizkids’ unpainted plastic fantasy lines.

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