CSW at Tabletop Minions Expo

Chicago Skirmish Wargames made an appearance, and ran some events at the 2nd annual TMX, run by our friend, Uncle Atom. We have planned a few posts to show off some of the cool games we saw there. For now, enjoy a photo dump of the weekend:

Tim and I ran our Roadside Picnic game, using the Walking Dead: All Out War rules.

I ran some demos of Test of Honor, featuring minis, beautifully painted by Chris.

Chris ran some demos of Arena Rex...

And Relic Blade!

Broken Contract made an appearance.

Tim and I enjoyed a 4 player game of Shadespire.

We also got to hang out with Uncle Atom, Mack The Maker, Wreck-Age Matt, Sam Lenz, and Lee from Gaddis Games. Stay tuned for more TMX coverage!


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