Tutorial: Spacecraft 2- Medium Cargo Lighter

Here is round two of the Spaceship showcases. As with the previous post, this one also has some good in-progress shots at the Spaceship build post.

This spacecraft began it's life as the front 2/3 of a Power Rangers Mission Response Vehicle . And yeah, it's had A LOT of modifications.

I'm calling it a Medium Cargo Lighter as it looks to me like a nice civilian workhorse spacecraft. It's not to fancy and probably flies round the 'verse on a shoestring budget by a ragtag crew, but is still utterly charming.

Part of the front fuselage and an interior panel from a toy Millienium Falcon forms the roofs of the fuselage.

Cargo area interior

X-wing engines for the upper thrusters. One is broken but I decided to just paint it as-is.  These things happen right?

The wheels for the original vehicle make great main thusters. There's actually quite a few nice panels around the side of the model where a miniture can be placed.

These little thruster covers are great for covering up stuff I had to remove an they're all cut from the top rear edge of the Falcon. You can see two just above the front landing strut and one just under thevupper thruster. I think I used 6 of them on the whole thing.

I put a floor in the bridge area.  I was tempted to add chairs and such but it seemed more important to have room to place miniatures.

I did add controls though, cut down a bit from the Millenium Falcon...

The whole thing opens up. The light on the back still works and it makes a warning klaxon that sounds very sci-fi.

I relied on orange paint to pick out some panels that would be the front cargo entrance and the side hatches.

It's a cheap trick but I think it works visually.

The landing gear was courtesy of the Falcon and an X-Wing. The big gear still rotates!

I also found a nice case for it, a lawyers file box satchel thing. Even has wheels and a handle.

This ship is probably my favorite of the batch. It just looks to me like a hard-working cargo lighter should.

It's generic, but I think in a good way and could sit in a 40k setting almost as well as as in a more shiny sci-fi setting.

Two of three down but stay tuned, the last one is a doozy!

4 responses to “Tutorial: Spacecraft 2- Medium Cargo Lighter

  1. Avatar

    Michael S. says:

    Hi Karl,
    Looks like great work as always.

  2. Thanks Michael, much appreciated.

  3. Avatar

    Fiveangels says:

    You really have a talent for making these, great job

  4. Thanks dude. They were really fun to build.

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