Tutorial: Spacecraft 3- Ventauran Assault Craft.

Here's the biggie...

This is not my favorite of the 3 Spacecraft I built for Adepticon, but it's the one that I think is the most visually impressive. I painted it to match my Ventauran force which is green with orange accents.

Ventaurans are a figure line based largely on Traveler Zhodani, created and produced by Denizen miniatures. They are available in the UK and America (though I ordered mine from the UK) and are some of the most well detailed, affordable models you can buy. The quality is even more shocking when you consider that these sculpts are nearly 30 years old. They are about 27mm to the eye and very realistically proportioned but if you don't mind an alien race that is shorter than humans they're a great choice for facing off against today's 28-32mm figures..

The core of the vehicle is parts from a seriously sad, janky Power Rangers Pyramidas that I rescued from a local resale shop several years ago. It was in bad shape, missing almost every part that could be easily removed or broken off. Still, it had a nice angular paneled look that I knew would look great if I could find the right project. Don't have much in the way of in-progress shots, but here's what the parts looked like disassembled.

An underside panel from a Millenium Falcon toy covered up the top after removing the pyramid shaped jewel. I think the 3 holes indicate some sort of weaponry.

The main fuselage itself is assembled much the way the toy would be.

I'm partcularly proud of the engines.

This took lots of cutting and reassembling of what I think were arm pieces, followed by alot of X-wing parts crammed in at odd angles.

The back has a nice  loading gate that unfortunately doesn't open...

...but the real attraction is the functioning cargo bay.

Even though the bulk of the craft's interior is not detailed, the front section has some interior detail and a back wall with hatches an such (sorry no pictures). At about 6"x7"x3.25" it can easily accommodate a couple tanks or APC's. Who wouldn't want this behemoth sitting on their table?

And that's it.  Hope you enjoyed my trilogy of Spacecraft!

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