Review of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 96

I recently subscribed to Wargames Soldiers and Strategy and I'd like to share my thoughts on my first issue.

Many of the articles in WSS are short 2-4 page descriptions of scenarios inspired by historical events. The theme for this issue was raid in the American Civil War. I've never studied the civil war much beyond what was required to graduate high school, so I found it interesting to read about a few characters and incidents that caught the attention of the mostly British writers of WSS. It was also interesting to see what rules the authors are using. Sharpe Practice and Black Powder were definitely favored, although a couple of others got mentioned for the theme. There was an additional article that serves as an introduction to some of the ranges of civil war figures available in various scales. You might think that a particular type of game in a particular war might be too specific, but the scenarios have a nice variety and could be adapted or inspire games in other settings.

Non-theme articles mention other rules- Plausible deniability, 7tv, Black Ops, Congo, Saga, and What a Tanker. These articles range from extended reviews to scenarios set in the cold war, Inca empire, and WWII. There are also reviews of figures, rules, and books, articles on painting and modeling, and editorials.

Overall, it was very fun to read. I got to think a bit about the civil war, and more about raids, which can be applied to most wargames. There was enough on the theme to make it interesting but also enough non-theme articles to give variety. I especially enjoyed Richard Clarke's thoughts on points systems.

The theme of the next issue is Weird War, and I'm looking forward to that one. It took me a while to get this review out, so it should be on its way.

2 responses to “Review of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 96

  1. Thanks for this review. I was curious about this brand since I see it mentioned a lot on wargaming forums. It’s nice to get a heads up on the actual content.

  2. You can borrow it some time if you want.

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