The Dice Heroes 72-Hour Charity Gaming Marathon At Adepticon 2019

The Dice Heroes are proud to announce a 72-hour gaming marathon hosted at the world’s premier miniature wargaming convention, AdeptiCon 2019! Interested? The event is called Extra Life @ AdeptiCon and it is a charity event supporting Children’s Miracle Network and the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Extra Life @ AdeptiCon has a fully planned schedule of organized play as well as tables for open play where your gaming group can burn off that excess caffeine well into the night! Read on for further information!

Event Highlights

Wednesday March 27th, 2019 at 8pm in the Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center Extra Life @ AdeptiCon kicks off with a full campaign of Necromunda! Yes, a fully arbitrated campaign that will not end until Thursday March 28 at 6am (you read that right).

Can’t make the entire campaign start to finish? No problem as drop-ins/outs are just fine! Do you enjoy Kill Team? Maybe you’ve been wanting to try it but haven’t had a chance to build your own team. The Dice Heroes have two organized Kill Team events where you can check out this very popular game from Games Workshop.

Maybe X-Wing is more to your liking and you’ve wanted to check out the changes in version 2.0 or you have a squad you’d like to test before your big game at the tournament. Check out X-Wing Friendly Flights at the Extra Life tables, happening nightly.

Can’t get enough Star Wars Legion but notice the official tournaments are all booked up? Have no fear as The Dice Heroes have a tournament planned for Friday March 29th at 8am. Bring your Imperials or Rebels and battle it out over thoughtfully planned tables depicting well-known Star Wars locales.

The Cicatrix Maledictum splits the Imperium of Man in two, effectively cutting off entire planets from Terra. Bring your 50 power level lists to one or both of the 40K events; 40K Patrol: Vigilus or 40K Shattered Realities and experience a piece of the latest major event in the timeline of Warhammer 40,000.

An old, abandoned facility finally concedes defeat to the elements of a hostile environment as vital resources spill onto the planet itself. Bright, colorful pools crystalize and the new masses hum ever so subtly. What could these crystals have been meant for? Who was operating at this facility before abandoning the planet? How can these crystals be harnessed for your benefit? Bring your 750-point Dark Age list and find out throughout the course of two tournaments dedicated to CMON’s game of visceral skirmish battles. All will be revealed starting on Friday March 29th at 2pm with Dark Age Revelations and continue with an all-out bloodbath with Dark Age Bloodlust, starting at 8pm.

If board games are more your style, grab a game from our friends at the AdeptiCon Board Game Library and find an open play table with The Dice Heroes. Itching to unbox that new loot from the vendor hall? Need a place for your group to play their annual game? Look no further than Extra Life @ AdeptiCon!

Speaking of board games and marathons, Twilight Imperium fits both of those categories and The Dice Heroes are very lucky to have their own Klingon running it! Check out Klingon Pop Warrior as the host of an epic game of Twilight Imperium starting Friday, March 29th at noon!

How Do I Sign Up?

Excellent question! You can sign up and view the full list of events at No sign-up fees are needed and anyone can show up to play at any time. As I said before, Extra Life @ AdeptiCon is a charity event benefitting the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and we couldn’t think of a better community to support their noble mission of treating sick and injured children whether their parents can afford the care provided or not, than to tap into the generous and kind hearts of the gaming community. Of course no donations are required but if you have a good time at the Extra Life tables, a kind gesture would be well appreciated and you will have our (and the children’s) sincere thanks!

But wait, “dice hate me”, you say. We have you covered with $1 Rerolls for Rupees. Yes, rupees will be accepted at any of our organized play events for a reroll. Each rupee is a suggested donation of $1 and all proceeds go to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

What would an organized play event be without prize support? We have prize support for 1st place in each of our events and a special category which we’ll reveal the day of. The Dice Heroes have received generous support from several Chicago-area game shops as well as popular online retailers so come play, donate and win!

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a global movement that unites gamers of all types to fundraise for their local children’s hospital. Participants fundraise with friends, family, coworkers and online communities and host gaming marathons in support of a local children’s hospital. Founded by Children’s Miracle Network, Extra Life takes place in over 150 markets and supports more than 140 local children’s hospitals. In 2018, over 700 gamers in Chicago raised more than $175,000 for Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Check out the Dice Heroes on Facebook (@thediceheroes), Twitter (@thediceheroes) or on their website at for a full list of sponsors and events! Find Klingon Pop Warrior on her YouTube channel or on Facebook (@klingonpopwarrior).


-Enrique (The DIce Heroes)

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