Return Of The Hobby Night!

Tim, Wild Thing, Greenfire Brian, and I got together for our first hobby night in a while. This was our first step towards greatly increasing our game and hobby time this summer.

Tim worked on painting some WWII soviet troops. There are minis from multiple manufacturers, including Black Tree Designs, and Gaddis Games.

Wild Thing worked on so many Imperial Fist dreadnaughts. He managed to get a great yellow base coat and they are looking fine.

Greenfire Brian worked on these Star Wars rebel troops for a commission. They are coming along great

I made some serious progress on my container ship from Black Site Studios. This thing is going to be HUGE.

More progress posted very soon!!

2 responses to “Return Of The Hobby Night!

  1. Whoa! Great to see some big project batches. Sad I can’t make these on weeknights. :(
    I need to read the Black Ops rules and I’ll try to push some modern military troops to the front of the summer painting queue so we can use that ship, asap. ;)

  2. Great work guys!

    That boat looks great. I bought a smaller cargo ship that I plan to build with Howie. Should be fun.

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