Adepticon 2019- Painted Miniatures White Elephant

One of the events I ran at Adepticon this year was a painted miniatures exchange. Each participant brought a painted miniature and their name was put into a dice bag. We drew names to see who got to pick a miniature first and each participant got to leave with a miniature painted by one of the others. Here is a showcase of the miniatures.

I brought this Stormcast Eternal Liberator

Nick painted a Malifaux Witchling Stalker.

A Tau pathfinder.

A 40k Kasrkin.

Alex brought this Necron Overlord.

Alex also added a Black Orc.

Jason "AVP Wargamer" painted an Alien Xenomorph.

Andreas provided a Hellstrider.


I'm very impressed with the painting skill and fun-loving attitude that everyone brought to this event. I am hoping to repeat something similar at future conventions.  A special thank you goes to Josh for keeping this event running smoothly by taking photos and acting as the mahout for this white elephant.

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