Painted- Hellboy And Friends

I picked up Mantic's Hellboy board game last night, and decided to use it to get myself back into the painting game. I threw these guys together in a few hours this morning. The goal here was to get them table top ready in a short time period. I am still thinking about basing, so these guys have a simple black base for now. They all began with a 3 shade zenithal prime via airbrush, and the rest was done with traditional brushes.

Hellboy's skin was painted with one of the new GW contrast paints, with some additional edge highlighting. I used the green color on each of the hero minis to help reinforce the team look.


Johann Krauss got a simple paint job. It doesn't come out in pictures, but his head is chromed and very shiny.


Abe Sapien was an experiment. I'm not totally thrilled with the result. He is a little messy. I was going for blue shades for the skin, and it came out too grey. I washed in in turquoise to bring it back a little, and I think he is servicable.


Liz came out really cool. This mini's face is a little severe, and my sloppy paintjob didn't help it much. However, I'm very pleased with the fire effect. I used the red contrast paint on the dark end. It made for very easy wet blending. For this quick project, I didn't want to try any OSL.


Rasputin was overjoyed to be included in this project. I used the dark grey contrast paint for the robe.


All in all, not bad for a few hours work! I'll start on the rest of the box soon! I'm glad I don't have the collectors edition. I may be able to actually finish it!



3 responses to “Painted- Hellboy And Friends

  1. Nice job. do you have a game in mind for these beyond the board game? They might be fun for something.

  2. Hello Josh and Tom,
    If I may interject here:) You may like to play Fear and faith with the figures. Since the rules are based on SOBH the basic game is familiar to us. I also have HorrorClix Hell Boy miniatures.

  3. I’m not sure what I have planned for these guys. We did play the board game, and had a good time with it.

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