Painted- The Avengers

Recently, I picked up the new Marvel Crisis Protocol game. It's a great value with 10 minis including scenic bases and a bunch of terrain, all in hard plastic. I was a little concerned about the 40mm scale, but once I saw the minis in person, I was no longer worried. They do tower a bit over other minis in my collection, but they seem to look fine next to most of my terrain. I have finished painting the "good guys" from the starter box. All minis were zenithal primed using Badger Stynlrez primer with the exception of Ironman, who was primed in solid gloss black.

Black widow was fairly simple to paint. I did her uniform with layers of Bascilicanum Grey contrast paint, with some additional layering on top. She didn't have too many details, and I kept her fairly simple. I added some bricks and rubble to the base to help it pop.

Spider-Man is a favorite of mine. I have seen a lot of neat reposes online, but didn't want to get too fancy. I did add a McFarlane style web by drilling into his hand, and adding a piece of brass rod. I then wrapped a string of hot melt glue around it. It's simple, neat, and durable enough to play with. Spider-man was mostly painted with contrast paints. I added additional rubble to the base.

Captain Marvel was a fun model to paint. She was also painted with a mix of contrast paints and more traditional methods. All the gold on her uniform was painted using Vallejo metal paint, and has a real metallic sheen that does not show very well in pictures. As with the others, additional rubble was added to the base.

Captain America was a challenge. On my model, some of the lines in the model were very shallow, so I had to freehand the stripes on the uniform. This isn't usually my strong suit, but I was pleased with the result. The shield was modeled after the movie version. It was painted in Vallejo dark aluminum metal paint, and then tinted with contrast paints. It received a coat of Vallejo metal varnish to really bring the effect home. In the image above, you can actually see a reflection of my ceiling fluorescent bulb on the shield.

Pictures of Ironman really do not do him justice. He started as gloss black, and was covered all over in Vallejo metal gold. I then tinted the red parts using GW blood angels contrast paint. I cleaned up the gold areas, and added a few silver areas as well. The arc reactor was done with shades of blue fading into white. The same effect is used in the palm of his outstretched hand. There is a crushed pepsi can added to the base. He is VERY shiny.


We should have a battle report and review of Marvel Crisis Protocol posted soon!



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