Review- Black Site Studios New Horizon Bank And Trust

Last year I picked up the New Horizon Bank And Trust by Black Site Studio. This is a fun prepainted MDF and acrylic kit. Once I saw it, I knew I was going to have to grab it. It reminds me of so many midwestern bank buildings built in the 1980s.

The kit is designed for 28mm games, and although the doors are a little small, I can easily suspend disbelief and use them with slightly larger scales, such as Marvel Crisis Protocol (40mm- Captain America pictured).

As you can see, this building has all sorts of fun details on the outside. I have assembled MANY MDF kits from a number of different manufacturers, and this kit was a little tricky. Some of the parts needed to be sanded to fit, and while parts of the building are overbuilt and VERY sturdy, other parts are extremely delicate...

As you can see, the lettering at the front of the building is cut from a very thin piece of cardboard. I have already broken the K at the end more than once. Additionally, the super cool acrylic overhang is only attached at a couple points, and does not have any bracing to support it. It has held so far, but I worry about breaking it.

However, rising over that overhang, you can see the main roof. It's basically a thin box, designed to support the acrylic skylight. It is a very well designed roof.


The outside is cool, but the interior is full of all sorts of neat details. The teller windows are not attached, and can be moved around. The potted plants were included! All the doors open. They are a little thin, but are sturdy enough to play with.

The vault door is an impressive piece. It is a thick piece with some nice detailing. And of course it opens and closes. I should mention that there are some prepainted resin pieces in these pictures... They are not included, but are also produced but Black Site Studio, and are a great value. The bank set came with an ATM, the vault drill, and some stacks of gold bars...

The bank's back room even included a shelving unit. More companies should include little interior details like this. They really add to the piece.

The vault's interior is packed with safety deposit boxes, and those nice resin gold bars.


All in all, this is a really fantastic addition to any table. I think it is a great value, and I'm looking forward to adding more of their line in the near future.

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