Test Of Honor Demos at Grognard Games

I had the pleasure of attending Grognard Games 3rd anniversary celebration, and ran some Test Of Honor games. I had never been to the store before. It's a great shop. There is lots of space to play, and they have a great selection of minis, games, and hobby stuff. And, they just signed a new 5 year lease! Go check them out!

I set up a little village layout with a garden, and path off to the side. We used the 1st scenario in the included battle book for demos. I was using the first edition rules, as I have not yet picked up the 2nd edition.

I ran a handful of demos, and all the players seemed to have a great time.

Here is a gallery of fun images from the demos:


It has been too long since I played this game, and I am looking forward to playing it more in the near future!



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