Painted- Marvel Villains

I  finished painting the other half of the Marvel Crisis Protocol starter box. I was less excited about the villains, so I decided to speed paint these.

Red Skull got a very simple paint job. His coat is layers of Bascilicanum Grey contrast paint, and his skull is Flesh Tearers red. The cube got a coat of Tallasar blue contrast paint, plus some white dry brushing and edge highlights followed by a blue glaze to bring it all together. The base has a crushed Sprite can.

Ultron started with a gloss black undercoat, followed by a thin coat of Vallejo dark aluminum metal paint. The pink areas are Vallejo gore red game air color. I added some soft black wash into some of the shadowed areas to add depth, and coated the whole thing with a Vallejo metal varnish. I added additional rubble and a piece of plastic pipe to the base.

Doctor Octopus is painted with Warp Green and Iyanden Yellow contrast paints. The face is Guilliman flesh contrast paint. The metals are a mix of gunmetal and dark aluminum contrast paints. The glasses were tinted red with Blood Angel contrast paint and received a gloss varnish. The base has a crushed Coke can.

Baron Zemo was tricky because I have no idea who he is. I used a mix of contrast and regular paints with him. His shirt and mask are GW Screamer Pink, washed with Secret Weapon Soft Black wash. His boots are Vallejo chocolate brown, washed with Secret Weapon Armor Wash. The sword and gold bits on his crown are all Vallejo Metal paints, given a Vallejo gloss Metal Varnish. A true super-villain, he carefully set down his Starbucks cup before drawing his sword.

Crossbones got a heavy coat of Templar Black contrast paint. His arms, neck, and eyeholes got Darkoath Flesh contrast paint. His leather bits are Vallejo beige brown. The mask is white. buckles and brass knuckles are Vallejo Dark Aluminum Metal paint. He is mad because he spilled his Starbucks.


Now that the figures are complete, I'm ready to play! I still need to paint the terrain that came in the box set, but I have so much terrain already that it does not seem as important. I'll get to it eventually!


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