Review- Black Site Studio MV Australis

Last year at Adepticon, I saw a kit that I was super excited about. Black Site Studio created a huge 4 foot long cargo ship. I had contemplating scratch building one of these for a long time, and had even talked to some designers about making a kit, but Black Site Studio beat me to it. I love this kit. It's huge and imposing, and it has inspired me to come up with a number of fantastic scenario ideas. Imagine- a zombie game taking place entirely at sea on this boat! Or perhaps it is a wrecked hulk in a post apocalyptic desert?

The base kit consists of 5 separate sections. The stern can be a little delicate, as the thinner card pieces wrap around the curve. I have broken the railing a couple times, and am considering adding some additional material to brace them. It captures the look, though.

There are 2 of these straight sections. Black Site Studio also sells this section separately, so you can expand your boat. These pieces are very easy to build. They are simple boxes. The cranes are movable, and I left that vent piece unattached, so it can be placed in different locations.

The aft piece is smaller, and well designed. Not much to say about it, other than it is simple and looks nice.

The bridge section is huge. It has a fully detailed interior as well.

The lower deck has one large room and ascending stairs. There are 2 doors. The doors do not work. they can be attached open, or closed. I chose to permanently attach my doors in a variety of positions. All the doors are fully detailed on both sides.

The middle floor has 2 larger rooms and 3 smaller rooms. I have plans for these rooms, so pay attention to future blog posts!

The upper floor has 2 larger rooms, and outdoor decks. There are detailed controls in the bridge area.

Here is a detail of one of the fantastic doors.

I want to be very clear- I love this kit. It took a long time to assemble, but it's well made, and sturdy. I plan on doing additional weathering to it, but out of the box, prepainted, it is a really fantastic piece of terrain. I think it does require some scenario planning to use well. A straight 1v1 battle in what is essentially a long narrow corridor could be boring. I have some plans for modeling the interior below decks, but I don't want to spoil anything just yet. Expect to see it in our battle reports very soon!

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