Review- Black Site Studio Arklight Metro kit

I took advantage of Black Site Studio's black friday sale to pick up a couple of kits that I've been eyeing for some time. The first of these kits is their huge Arklight Metro kit. This is designed to work in 28-40mm scale, and is great for zombie, post apoc, modern, or super hero games.

The kit is fully modular and can be assembled in numerous layouts. The full set as pictured fills a 3x3 board easily.

It includes riser posts to allow different levels. On the left side of this table, you can see parts of Black Site's modular Vault kit, which is designed to fit together with the subway kit. (review coming soon!)

The kit is fully pre-painted, and includes large decals that allow a high level of detail. You can see the brick wall decals in these pictures. Any signs you see are modifications that I have made. The kit is quite easy to assemble, and although it was close to 30 lbs of MDF, went together very quickly.

The Chicago CTA signs and posters are bits that I added, but the benches, pillars, and even the payphone are included in the kit. I did not glue down any of the pillars or benches to add additional modularity, as well as the ability to throw these pieces in games like Marvel Crisis Protocol.

I used actual pictures of real Chicago Transit Authority signs, printed out and mounted to art board to add a little depth.

Since I plan on using this kit in various post apocalyptic scenarios, I included some possible toxic waste.

It's not a CTA station without "questionable puddles".

These track tunnels were an additional part that I ordered. I am using them to bridge the gap between the subway station, and the Vault kit. All the parts have space to add magnets, but I found that the pieces are heavy and stable enough that they don't really need them.

It's a really fun kit, and I have plans to use it in all sorts of scenarios.

I added some posters and graffiti, and plan to go back and add some ground scatter and litter.

The kit comes with 2 train cars. They were my only complaint about the set. They are extremely fiddly and difficult to assemble, and I didn't enjoy it at all. In fact, I've only assembled one so far. The finished product looks nice. The roof is removable, and the doors open and close. My suggestion is to take is slow, and make sure you have rubber bands in various sizes handy to help hold parts together while glue dries.

Overall, it's a great kit with many uses, and I recommend it.

We used this for a game of Marvel Crisis Protocol recently, and it was fantastic. The battle report will be released soon.

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