AAR- Marvel Crisis Protocol- Battle in the Subway

Michael and I recently got together to play Marvel Crisis Protocol. We set up a cool board using my new Black Site Studios Subway station. His evil Cabal force tried to destroy the city, while my small group of Avengers attempted to save the day.

His force consisted of Ultron, Venom, Crossbones, Doc Oc, and the Winter Soldier.

The Avengers group consisted of Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Grey Panther (very sorry, Black Panther wasn't painted yet!).

Since I've already written at length about this game, Michael has thoughtfully written up his thoughts on the game:

Yesterday, I had a chance to play my first game on Marvel Crisis Protocol with Josh. As huge Marvel fan, I was into the Knight Models game and very disappointed when they abruptly lost the license. When I saw this at GenCon last year, I was very excited!

Models have the powers you expect and the crisis cards help synergize your favorite hero combinations to make the game dynamic slug fest. Figuring out how to get them the most power is one of the keys to the game. List building is easy and favors certain combinations of models (especially once you get beyond the starter box) but you are free to use any models you want to make a team.

Our game where Josh’s Avengers decided to take on my Cabal in the Jackson Red Line Station in Chicago was a lot of fun. Every game will have two scenario objectives. He found the Skrull agent in the first turn, which gave him the early advantage and really forced me to be aggressive to try and catch-up on points. With only six turns or sixteen points the game forces you to play aggressively since it can swing very easily. Josh and I made a few mistakes that might have changed the game but it didn’t take away for the enjoyment.

Overall conclusion as a beer and pretzel player, the rule set is very short and tight. Veteran gamers may find some things around line of sight and cover a little wonky at first. I am looking forward to playing more games as it is very easy to pick up and play once you get the rules as playing feels like your are in superhero fight right out of a comic book or movie. 

I am looking forward to playing this game again soon! And stay tuned for previews of the numerous events we are running at Adepticon 2020!

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