AAR- Return to Kings of War!

In late November at the first gathering of CSW in over a year 4 of us played Kings of War.

It was a 2v2 game with Chaos (using the Varangur List) on one side and an unholy alliance of Men (Kingdoms of Men) and Undead on the other. The battle's objective was to have as many units (not including individuals or war machines) in a central objective area. With 4 players we expanded that space by about 50%. Points were around 1200 per player.

I didn't take detailed notes on the battle and waited too long to write this up, so what follows is simply a gallery. Suffice to say it was a good battle, well fought, that was largely in contention until the end of the penultimate turn. However, it was finally won decisively by the hordes of Chaos. I think it's fair to say that everyone had a good time and is looking forward to trying again.

In classic CSW tradition, the minis were drawn from a wide range of games and makers including WHFB, Battlemasters, Ral Partha, Game of Thrones, Warmachine, Confrontation, Mantic Kings of War and others.







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