Mech Attack Layout Improvements For Adepticon 2022.

After a 2 year hiatus, last weekend Adepticon and my yearly Adepticon Mech Attack game returned to Schaumberg Illinois. Those who have followed our 10 year history with Mech Attack will know that each year we've tried to add interesting visual elements to the 7x8 Table on which we play the game. Helicopters, a Sci-Fi Train, large Spaceships and heavily converted Dust Tactics buildings have been among the most notable additions and this year was no exception. 4 Notable elements were added to my Sci-Fi City.  Apologies in advance for the photographs being slightly less impressive than in the past.  For the first time, I setup and ran the game on my own so my attentions were rather split.

Three of improvements were courtesy of CSW Member Josh who gave me a great deal on a number of items to improve the layout. First, I purchased the 4 foot long Black Site Studios Container Ship he built and reviewed earlier.   It's a darned impressive ship that I somehow managed to barely photograph at our game. It's 4 feet long, and features a multi-level superstructure with full interior from wheelhouse down to the deck. It comes pre-painted enough for the table (though I will of course be making improvements) and mercifully Josh had already completed all the construction. There were also a few (unpictured) rubber boats 3d-printed by CSW member Chris.


While it would make an excellent location for a smaller-scope scenario, it absolutely shines as a structure large enough place large mech models on and if you have enough shipping containers (and I do), there are near-unlimited ways to arrange it depending on the cover needs of your scenario. Functionally, it is a highly-configurable raised plateau, something you don't often see in an urban wargaming setting.

Secondly, I acquired his Menards World Headquarters Office Building. There is a good review of it here. Out of the entire line of 0-Scale structures, this is one of the few that is both modern enough in style and muted enough in color to not clash with my sci-fi city. It's also out of production right now so I'm thrilled to have been able to acquire it.

It has interior illumination (not shown above) and 4 rooftop lights (seen below). The Helipad is from Black Site studios and was also included.

My third purchase was a large lot of urban scatter terrain. I did not take the time to photograph the items I used. However, keen eyed viewers of the upcoming battle report will notice various items like a bus stop, subway entrance, tree planters, dumpsters, a Delorean and at least half of the shipping containers on the layout which were all part of this lot. Lots of other items that will make appearances in future games also.

The last addition is the spacecraft that I revealed in my last blog post about it's construction. I still hadn't quite finished the exterior paint (needs more dust), interior detail (needs a cockpit/bridge) and I haven't added the magnetic modular weapons hardpoints, but it still looked great on the table and was the subject of much attention and photography.

Hope you enjoyed these new additions.  Stay tuned for a game report from the event and -hopefully soon- a look at the completed starship.


2 responses to “Mech Attack Layout Improvements For Adepticon 2022.

  1. It looks great, Karl. Too bad I missed it this year. Let’s play more Mech Attack soon.

  2. Thanks Tim!
    I was actually thinking about two tracks for Mech Attack. On the one hand, it’d be great to setup a table in the backyard and play big mech attack outdoors when the weather is nicer.

    I’ve also accumulated a good amount of N and scale-neutral’ish HO structures/kits/etc. I’m thinking it’s time to build a 10mm urban environment to replace my cardstock terrain. Another good project for this summer.

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