Paw Patrol Jet Becomes Sci-Fi Spacecraft. Part 1, Construction begins.

 It's been a couple years since I built any large 1:56 Spacecraft. I sold the three spacecraft that I built previously -and detailed on this blog- but with Adepticon coming at the end of the week, I'm in overdrive building another centerpiece for my Mech Attack Game. I'm turning a Paw Patrol flyer ("Super PAWs, 2-in-1 Transforming Mighty Pups Jet Command Center ") into a Spacecraft. This is a dual-scale project that will have 2 swappable cockpit sections. A bridge for 1:56 miniatures and cockpit for a 1:18 pilot or two.
Here's how it came to me, already missing the detachable cockpit/mini-jet piece in the front:
Here's where the build is so far; The exterior is nearly complete.

Finished removing all the Paw Patrol logos. Also removed the platform piece from the inside of the roof and glued the center roof section in place so it opens in one piece.

Shortened the front just a bit and covered over with sheet styrene. The nose and side of the fuselage/wing is greebled with parts from:

-Mantic Battlezones Terrain Sprues

-Chopped up SW Jedi fighter

-Final Faction weapons packs

-HO Railroad boxcar walkways (strips of grill)

-Plastic Extra Thick Coffee Stirers (ovals and strips)

-A couple of Warhammer 40k tank accessories

Hatch on top replaces a large Paw Patrol Logo

-styrne from for-sale sign (good source of cheap semi-flexible styrene sheet)

-handles from a Warhammer 40k Leman Russ kit

Will be basing both cockpit modules on scrap pieces of what I think might be Sintra. Walls not glued in yet, but it will look like this.

I'm going to use a pair of Final Faction ATV accessory pack walls (flattened out in back) for the sides of the cockpit area. Note the Dremel 543 bit. Your best friend for cutting and shaping plastic. It might cost half as much as a Dremel, but my 543 has lasted several years.

Two Final Faction ATVs yieded a pair of seats and a control yoke for the 1:18 cockpit module. Lots of work left to do for this. Need to source computers and such.

Experimenting with possibly using some Final Faction ATV weapons for underwing guns. These pairs of laser rifles come already attached to a center post.

Have decided to keep the dogbone pattern flooring for now. If it looks bad after paint I'll install a new floor.

Have also decided that this WILL be on the table at the 28mm Mech Attack game I'm running at Adepticon in 2 Saturdays. Goal is to finish construction tomorrow and paint this weekend so I'm not stressing about it next week as I do the rest of the game prep.

Stay tuned for part 2 wherein I finish the construction and get to painting!

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