AAR- Kings of War

A brief gallery of last month's Kings of War Battle between my Chaos forces and Tim's Barsoomians.

I rarely get to bring out my entire Chaos army, so it was a real treat. Ised the Varangur list that has analogues for almost my entire collection.

Khador Warjacks (run as trolls) and Battlemasters Chaos warriors facing off against Thark Cavalry is sort of the CSW experience in a nutshell.

Overview shot early in the battle.

Cavalry sounds tough, but really needs to be deployed in larger units rather than 2 troop units.

Mattias' Dead forest provides a nice backdrop.

Pigment orcs are a great classic.

The Thark Cavalry is vicious!!!

Even my Dragon couldn't withstand the onslaught.

We didn't keep a detailed, report, but once again, KoW provided a fast and satisfying game. In the end, Tim won the day with more than double the objectives held and a commanding lead in units defeated. Thanks for being a great opponent!

Happy Battling everyone!


2 responses to “AAR- Kings of War

  1. Looks like a great game! Awesome armies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those Martian Barsoom troops on the table before. They look like super fun sculpts.
    I need to chisel away more at some of my endless wip armies and jump in a game soon.

  2. Thanks!
    We can usually provide an extra army if you want to jump in before yours is finished.

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