AAR- Mech Attack- Trying a BIG game!

Tim and I met for a game of Mech Attack last month. We decided to attempt our biggest game of Mech Attack yet. Three 60 point sections on each side. As in the past for 10mm Mech Attack we used our collection of rebased Mechwarrior Clix.

I was on the south side with the Grey force consisting mostly of Nova Cat Models.

Tim was on the North with a force composed mostly of Jade Falcon miniatures and some allies.

We played a basic objective game. By the time we were out of time, we were at a draw, with Tim in position to likely take a minor victory if we had continued.

Mech Attack functioned pretty well, even at such a large level, but with over 20 units per side, it did seem to lose the speed of play that is a hallmark of the game. We both agreed that it was still faster than Battletech and some other rulesets but that it really wasn't suited for such a large battle with only 2 players. Turns just take too long.

As an alternative, we would like to try Alpha Strike again, something we haven't played in several years. It's designed for a game this size, and nicely abstracts weapons and damage into elements rather than the multiple weapons systems and damage grid of Mech Attack. Another alternative for large games is the model we use for our big convention games.

Despite the slow time, my affection for Mech Attack is undimmed. It has me thinking that maybe it's time to upgrade my 10mm terrain collection.

The mostly paper terrain that has served us for almost a decade is still in pretty good shape, but it's showing wear in places. I have the supplies to build an N-scale city in more sturdy material and perhaps it's time.

Below is a gallery of additional pictures from the game.



2 responses to “AAR- Mech Attack- Trying a BIG game!

  1. Another rad table and game writeup! It’s interesting to see Mech Attack on a not-huge table that I’m used to seeing you guys play on by now, haha.
    I’m a bit curious about Alpha Strike as well. There’s a lot of nostalgia for Battletech for me whenever I see it, but I’ve never tried the Alpha Strike rules.

  2. Thanks Man!

    I like Alpha Strike. It abstracts all a mech’s weapons into one roll and damage tracking into 1.5 tracks. I have zero interest in the classic Battletech rules, but I quite like the universe and lore. That Alpha Strike provides free stats for all the units in our rebased MechWarrior forces is very appealing.

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