AAR- Song of Blades and Heroes With My Kids

Last month I took my first stab at miniature wargaming with both of my children as I introduced them to Song of Blades and Heroes (SBH). They've never played a miniatures game with each other that did not have a board. Heroquest is a ton of fun, but it's a whole different experience when you trade spaces on a board for measuring sticks.

Anthropomorphic Animals (played by son) and an Ent (a gift from Mike!)...


Animal Warband (played by daughter) with Adorable Squirrel Beastmaster...

... Check.

Chicago Skirmish Dice in my kids' favorite colors....

... Check.

Classic Terrain setup...  Check!!!

Let the battle begin!

It was a simple Treasure hunt Scenario with 4 possible treasure locations (marked by Skulls). One on each end on rocky sections and one on each level of the ruined tower.

Some pictures from the game in approximate order.

Despite the treasure not being found until the last location (on the first floor of the ruined tower), it was a characteristically quick and dramatic affair. Both sides put up a good fight but the Animals were quite effective, not only in keeping keeping the Animal-people busy, but near the end they began to dominate the combat. Not only was the Beastmaster able to escape with the treasure (the only member of the warband able to carry things), but a morale test resulted in the Ent fleeing the battle! Who ever heard of an Ent fleeing anything???

Most importantly, both kids enjoyed it and are willing to play again, which was the goal of the experience. Next time we might try a more interesting scenario and perhaps larger warbands. IIRC, we were at around 200 points, whereas a regular SBH game is usually around 300. Topping it off, it was a bit of a return to form as Song of Blades was the game CSW formed around almost 12 years ago and was my first successful foray (had briefly tried Combat Zone) into miniatures-agnostic gaming.

Lastly, it has prodded me to expand my field and forest terrain just a bit. I have some nice countryside type pieces as seen above, but I don't have much else and I'm especially lacking trees. I very much like the look of a classic countryside as seen in the sort of wargaming pictures (historical and Games Workshop) that inspired me as a kid so it's something I'd like to build up. Luckily I've got alot of supplies for just such an undertaking saved from my  various model railroad undertakings. At bare minimum, look forward to a lot of de-wintered Lemax pine trees....

Here's to hoping for many more games with kids!!!

Be well,



6 responses to “AAR- Song of Blades and Heroes With My Kids

  1. This is awesome Karl!

    Still a very nice setup, especially to stoke the fires of young player’s imaginations.
    The minis were also a fun choice.

    (I think back to my early teens trying to learn and play 40K and WFB using pieces of packing foam and paper towel cardboard tubes, and it makes me realize how spoiled kids must be now with gamer parents. xD )

  2. Thanks!
    Really trying to gear their first wargaming experiences toward their interests and abilities. And of course attempting to hook then on painted minis and terrain.

    Played our second game a couple nights ago but I didn’t photograph it much. A co-op treasure hunt with randomly arriving Chaos troublemakers. Lots of fun.

  3. Hi Karl,
    My grandson is nine years old and I started playing SOBH with him about two years ago. I started easy with him rolling dice and moving figures for adults playing the game. I also play G.W.s Kill Team with him. The game belongs to my son-in-law, his dad. He likes that one alot.

  4. Interesting that you mention Kill Team. At TMX, Howie and I participated a game of Grimdark Firefight. It’s the Grimdark rules scoped to 5-10 minis per side. We enjoyed it quite a bit. We might actually use that for battling with the Stargrave squad he’s been painting.

    I’ve also got Shadow War Armageddon which I’m not sure is much better functionally but I like that it is based on Original Necromunda.

  5. Hi Karl
    I also like Shadow War Armageddon. I am open to playing that again.

  6. I’d definitely be up for a one-off of Shadow War Armageddon in the future. I’m not sold on it for campaigns though. I’d rather just do Necromunda.

    If anyone is interested, I’ve got a nice copy I’m about to put up for sale for Tim. Only $10!

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