AAR- Trying Grimdark Future With New Minis, Table and Terrain

I am continuing my campaign to indoctrinate my children into wargaming I introduced my son to Grimdark Future last month shortly before our trip to TMX.

The Tau miniatures (his new obsession), terrain, mat and table topper were all acquired from Josh recently. I've never tried to put together a 40k-style ruined city, but suddenly I've got almost a complete example of this ubiquitous terrain setup!

Though this was my first try using the Grimdark Future ruleset, I do recall trying it's predecessor "One Page 40k" some years back. Play seems relatively similar.  Fast and fun.

My Blood Angels. Most of these are 18-20 years old:

His Tau:

Game setup below: Objectives were placed:

-In the top of the furtheset away ruined buildings.

-At the base of the middle ruined building a Tau spotter.

-Inside the Imperial spacecraft

-In front of the spacecraft nose.

The Narrative was a battle around a battered imperial spaceport.

I didn't take detailed notes but here's a gallery from the battle with a few highlights:

The Tau Spotter at the building corner was one objective

Early Advances.

After fighting battlesuits, my Death company were too shot-up to be effective against fire warriors.

Long distance fire blasts the remains of my assault squad off of the high ruins objective in the penultimate turn.

Nearing the end of the game, it's not looking good for my Death company, but I'm moving very close to my objectives.

My Marines far enough in front of one of the objectives (inside the spaceship) at the games conclusion to hold it and deny it to the Tau. No point in putting lighting in a spaceship hold if there isn't an objective reason to get figures in there!

This picture attempts to show that at the end of the game, the Tau had siezed the center objective (Tau Spotter) but I had the objectives at the nose and in the hull of the spaceship and no one had the objective on top of the furthest ruins.

A victory for me then and a good time had by all. I very much enjoyed Grimdark Future and am looking forward to playing it again. I will post my thoughts on Grimdark Future in more depth once I've had a chance to try it a few more times.

Til Next Time,


2 responses to “AAR- Trying Grimdark Future With New Minis, Table and Terrain

  1. Hello Karl,
    Your children are lucky to have a dad who is into gaming with them with games they like. The Grimdark Future review was great. The game pieces you got from Josh look fantastic! It is a shame that he decided to get out of the hobby. I see you have the large G.W. Space Marine base which is a cool miniature. Also the large spaceship looks great too! If you want to play Grimdark sometime I would be up for a game. I like the One Page 40K rules, I will have to check and see how much they were changed.

  2. Thanks Mike,
    As far as I know, the rules didn’t change much, just allot of tweaking around the edges following allot of user feedback. They seem to have a super active community of folks play testing.

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