AAR- Halloween Fear and Faith Games- Zombie Evac and Escape From Weird Ones

Today we have a bit of catchup with some belated (Karl's fault to be clear) battle reports from a pair of "Fear and Faith" games that Michael hosted. Both games were interesting takes on escape scenarios.

Executive Order 50289476 of October 24, 2022

ZOMBIE INFESTATION – Area evacuation

Execute Order (EXORD) authorizes continued DOD support to law enforcement efforts to detect, monitor, contain and destroy zombie infestation.

All police forces in the affected zone are to evaluate immediately to a point beyond defensive lines established by the U.S. Army. All civilians in the affected zone are also ordered to evacuate to a point beyond the U.S. Army defensive lines. Any police forces in the zone are to assist civilians to evaluate. If evacuation is difficult due to zombie presents police forces and / or civilians are to attempt to seek secure shelter and contact U.S. Army forces to ask for assistance to excavate the affected zone.

Assistant Secretary of Defense for

Networks and Information Integration

Marline G. Smith


Karl and Tim accepted my invitation for a Fear and Faith game at my house on October 24th. Fear and Faith is based on Songs of Blades and Heroes. We played two scenarios. The first one I modified from a zombie scenario in the Fear and Faith book. I had wanted to be able to play the game with a group of people so I made modifications to the original scenario. I first played this with my family in October of 2018. I just call it my Halloween Zombie game.

I run the zombies as a sort of game master. Tim and Karl had two small forces of survivors who had to get into the farmhouse or barn by the end of turn 6. They both got to shelter, and the amount of zombies killed acted as a tie breaker. I created all of the scenery. Some of the survivors are Heroclix that I cut from their bases and glued to new bases and textured.

Game 2

Since we were able to get through the game in a reasonable time we tried another scenario that I had created. The scenario was the first of three that I created for my ‘The Legacy of Innsmouth Campaign’. Since I had not put this together as a 3 person game we made some on the spot changes. I controlled the Deep Ones, anthropomorphic fishmen from the H.P. Lovecraft story, ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’. Karl and Tim each had a small force of Miskatonic University Investigators and played as a team. The investigators are doing research in the area and are attacked by Deep Ones. At the end of turn six they need to leave the board by the truck or raft. Time and Karl won the scenario.

Karl's Note:  Thanks so much to Michael for his hospitality and for putting together such excellent looking tables for us.  Clearly these scenarios are a real labor of love and the results are excellent.

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