AAR- Kings of War Campaign Grand Finale. The Siege!!

At long last, here is a gallery of the final battle of our Kings of War campaign which ended in March.

This was the big debut of Mattias's hand painted castle set. Just stunning:

We had fun setting up picture opportunities with the Cookie warriors that Mattias brought:

The actual battle setup:

We found that there was room enough on the castle walls to place 30-50% of a unit's figures there. This looked great and was also a good argument against Mantic's suggestion of multi-basing your units:

Ready to play! The defenders are looking very optimistic:

First moves:

The sort of clash gamers live for; The attacker's Lord Dragon flys up onto the keep and destroys the defender's arcane artillery:

Once the walls were breached by the steam trolls, things started to swing against the defenders:

The attackers just barely managed to take the day though the defenders put up a good fight. This was a dramatic showpiece ending to an excellent campaign organized by CSW member Michael. This was our first try with the new KoW siege and fortification rules. They were quite easy to use and intuitive. We used many of the available siege upgrades for each side and also the rules for destroying sections of castle wall.

We all had a great time with this campaign and I think KoW is a ruleset that we're all quite competent with now. It's gone from something unfamiliar to a ruleset we can confidently bring out and play large games to completion in our relatively short weekday game nights.

We've since moved on to Konflikt 47, but I look forward to more games of Kings of War in the future. Thanks again to Michael for organizing the campaign and all the players who participated in the many grand battles we had.

Be well and happy gaming,


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