About Us

We're a friendly and laid-back group of gamers in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL.

We play many genres and scales, but our primary focus is...
-Generic (not limited to one brand of figures)
-Fast-play, (one hour games are a favorite)
-Skirmish level (8-20 miniatures per side)
...Fantasy and Sci-Fi/Post-Apoc gaming.

Our goal for each meeting is for a casual environment (rules lawyers and WAAC gamers need not apply) in which to enjoy battles with painted toy soldiers on great terrain in the company of good people.

We meet on alternating Thursdays (sometimes more often) at members' homes.

We're always open to new gamers regardless of experience level. Ownership of appropriate painted miniatures is not necessary for gaming with us. We've got plenty to share!

Our favorite games so far are:
-Song of Blades and Heroes (28mm fantasy warband skirmsh, Ganesha Games)
-Tomorrow's War (28mm Hard Sci-Fi Platoon skirmish, Osprey)
-Panzer 8 Sci-Fi (Sci-Fi Mass combat 10mm. Free rules)
-Blasters and Bulkheads (28mm Pulp sci-fi. Goalsystem)
-Kings of War (28mm Fantasy Mass Battle, Mantic Games)

Other games we play occasionally:
-WarEngine (28mm Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy Platoon Skirmish. Free rules)
-Full Thrust(spaceship combat, Ground Zero Games)
-Alpha Strike (Fast Play Battletech Mech Combat, Catalyst Games)
-Mech Attack! (10mm mech combat skirmish, Armor Grid Games)
-Wastelands (28mm post-apoc warband skirmish, free rules by dicehead)
-In The Emperor's Name. (28mm Sci-Fi Warband Skirmish. Free Rules)



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