Song of Blades and Heroes at Valorcon

Earlier this month, I ran a game of Song of Blades and Heroes at Valorcon, Chicago’s nascent convention for all manner of tabletop and digital games. In this game, a group of orcs faced off against lizardmen with their living metal mercenaries.  The two groups were searching the abandoned island of Lacerta, another location in ... Read more

What We Did Between Blogs (part 2- painting and modeling)

Last time, I discussed some of the gaming highlights since we put our blog on Hiatus.  Here are just a few of the painting and modeling projects CSW members have been working on. Josh has made some excellent scenic items, including this run down building.  Check out that stained glass over the door, this building ... Read more

What We Did Between Blogs (part 1, gaming)

Anyone looking at our blog will notice that there is a significant gap between the new and old posts.  You might be wondering what happened while the blog was on hiatus? Well, don’t fear! Chicago Skirmish Wargames has continued our regular games and even started a new fantasy campaign.This post will catch you up on ... Read more



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