AAR/Review- “It’s Gettin’ Cold In Here. So put on all your clothes!” FROSTGRAVE!

“Come hither, companions. Let me regale yet another tale of…” “Oh, grandpa, not ~another~ story of Felstad.” “Shut yer mutton holes ignorant whips, I said a regaling is to be done! A tale of my adventures, for some day you too shall need a shining beacon of wisdom to escape with yer lives!” *Children roll ... Read more

Review: Small Terrain kits from Warlord and Ainsty Castings

I recently finished 2 small kits terrain kits. The left kit is one of Warlord’s ruined buildings, and the right one is an MDF building from Ainsty Casting’s Aggro Minis line. The warlord kit is plastic, and went together easily. I zipped this together in no time, and painted it quickly, so pardon any visible ... Read more

Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 2

Here is part 2 of the raffle prizes! Gordan, a Greenfire regular donated this Space Marine Rhino kit. This is the modern plastic kit, but in old packaging! These Brushfire minis were generously donated by Matt Sears. Sadly, On The Lamb Games announced their closure recently, but these minis could be used in many fantasy ... Read more

Sept 23 Brian Stuchell Cancer Benefit- Raffle Prize Preview Part 1

We are now just a month away from the benefit, and I thought it might be fun to see some of the AMAZING prizes we have to raffle off… The CSW team had a hobby day a few weeks back, and we managed to crank out these terrain pieces… These will be split into a ... Read more

Gen Con 2017 Loot!

I just got back from Gen Con 2017, and just like every year, I forgot to take many pictures! It was a good time… maybe the best Gen Con I have attended. I attribute this to my complete and utter lack of planning. I had nothing scheduled. I had no plans to check out any ... Read more

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