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Gallery: Two Alpha Strike Games

Since the early 2010’s, CSW has played a variety of games with armies of re-based, pre-painted “Mechwarrior Dark Age” clix miniatures that we purchased in bulk after the demise of that game. The scale of these miniatures is alternately known as 10mm, N Scale or 1/160. That does make them significantly larger than the traditional ... Read more

Small-Scale Building Commissions

I recently completed my first small-scale commission work. Two different customers both requested 6mm buildings. The finished structures below borrow shamelessly from Sean Patten’s inspiring Gundam terrain, and like his, they are based around cassette tape cases with a variety of added bits. As I don’t have any 6mm miniatures, I’ve used 10mm rebased Mechwarrior ... Read more

Alpha Strike Game Report and Review

At last week’s club night, Jon, Tyler and I tried Alpha Strike for the first time. Alpha Strike is the new game set in the Battletech universe, using simplified mechanics and terrain (rather than a hex map) to enable larger battles that play faster than the traditional Classic Battletech rules. Rather than using the usual ... Read more

New plastic buildings from Proxie Models

Continuing my habit of working on projects with no bearing on the club’s current games, I recently acquired and assembled a couple of the new plastic buildings produced by Proxie Models. Though originally designed for 15mm scale miniatures, I will be using them for our 10mm scale sci-fi battles and have made a few modifications ... Read more



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