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Adepticon 2023 – A Madcap Recap (image heavy)

Welcome once again to an Adepticon recap! While this is just my perspective, other members of CSW may share some of theirs in future posts. First off, I get hyped for this convention! It’s wondrous to me and I enjoy myself every time I go. I also feel like each time I go I stay ... Read more

Robotech, Battletech and Mechwarrior Mechs for 28mm Wargaming

Thanks to a recent trade with a gentleman on DakkaDakka, I acquired a huge box of mech toys for 28mm gaming. With this acquisition of figures, my collection has gotten pretty big, so I took some time to write up a guide to Robogear, Battletech, Mechwarrior, Macross and other mecha suitabable for 28mm gaming. Throughout ... Read more

Alpha Strike Game Report and Review

At last week’s club night, Jon, Tyler and I tried Alpha Strike for the first time. Alpha Strike is the new game set in the Battletech universe, using simplified mechanics and terrain (rather than a hex map) to enable larger battles that play faster than the traditional Classic Battletech rules. Rather than using the usual ... Read more

From the workbench: Converted plastic mechs

A number of months ago I sat down one evening and hacked out a bunch of conversions of the inexpensive plastic mechs sold by EM-4 Miniatures, and this week I finally got around to photographing them. These are by no means finished, but I thought I’d share some of the possibilities hidden in these 20-year-old ... Read more



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