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Scatter Terrain for Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic Wargaming

While digging through my bits boxes recently, I found myself staring at a bag full of windows and window frames leftover from a Walthers building I built years ago. I suddenly realized that by clipping out the bottoms of the frames and gluing them to the windows in reverse, I could make pallets. But what ... Read more

Terrain Triptych, Part 3: Elevated Train Station

Elevated train stations are a common sight here in Chicago, so I’m extra happy to add this terrain piece to my collection. As with the other items in the Terrain Triptych series, this one started life as a toy playset. The original toy is a Fisher Price Geo-Trax Train Station. It’s an outstanding example of ... Read more

Terrain Triptych, Part 2: Power Station and I-Beams

I’m back with the latest installment in my “Terrain Triptych” series, where I kitbash urban terrain using toys found at resale shops. Click here to read the first post, about a multi-level construction site. Here I’ll show you how I took this Hot Wheels car launcher and transformed it into a power station.   Though ... Read more

Terrain Triptych, Part 1: Building Under Construction

In a previous post, I showed work-in-progress pictures of a number of larger terrain pieces. For my “Terrain Triptych” series, I’ll be revisiting three of these projects, as well as some additional bits. The miniatures used for scale throughout these reviews are Urban War Gladiators, Void Junker Buggy and a 1/56-scale Mad Cat mech from ... Read more

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