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Review- Konflikt ’47 British Infantry nearly done!

I got the block painting finished on my British. Before they go off to the dip I thought I’d show them pre-transformation and make a few comments about the figures themselves. What you see here is the 20 plastic British Infantry from the British Konflikt ’47 boxed set. These are the same figures that are ... Read more

Armor Reinforcements for Warpath and 40k

I finally brush-dipped and varnished the Leman Russ tanks I painted up for our mega-apocalypse Warpath game from last month. You can read all about it right here. These vehicles are mostly stock with a couple of modifications, and they received a quick paint job of base colors, drybrush and brush-dip with Minwax Polyshades Tudor. ... Read more

Fully Painted: Void Junkers and Neo-Soviets

Last week I finished two groups of figures: a Neo-Soviet warband for our upcoming post-apocalyptic campaign and a huge batch of Void Junkers Legionnaires that will likely see use in may different games. Neo-Soviets  This project was initiated by my acquisition a couple weeks ago of 6 Soviet NKVD troopers from the 25 cent bin ... Read more

The Medieval Village Grows

I recently finished a few more buildings, bridges and fences for my medieval town. These pieces were made from old porcelain Christmas village buildings and accessories — a great source of material for cheap conversions! The bridges were a bit of a problem: they weren’t wide enough for 25mm bases. I fixed this by using ... Read more

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