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Armor Reinforcements for Warpath and 40k

I finally brush-dipped and varnished the Leman Russ tanks I painted up for our mega-apocalypse Warpath game from last month. You can read all about it right here. These vehicles are mostly stock with a couple of modifications, and they received a quick paint job of base colors, drybrush and brush-dip with Minwax Polyshades Tudor. ... Read more

Fully Painted: Void Junkers and Neo-Soviets

Last week I finished two groups of figures: a Neo-Soviet warband for our upcoming post-apocalyptic campaign and a huge batch of Void Junkers Legionnaires that will likely see use in may different games. Neo-Soviets  This project was initiated by my acquisition a couple weeks ago of 6 Soviet NKVD troopers from the 25 cent bin ... Read more

The Medieval Village Grows

I recently finished a few more buildings, bridges and fences for my medieval town. These pieces were made from old porcelain Christmas village buildings and accessories — a great source of material for cheap conversions! The bridges were a bit of a problem: they weren’t wide enough for 25mm bases. I fixed this by using ... Read more

28mm on the cheap: Sci-fi bikers and post-apoc cars

Many of the games that Chicago Skirmish Wargames plays are generic skirmish games. These games don’t require a lot of miniatures, and they don’t try to tie you to a specific line of figures. This fits well with our philosophy of “28mm on the cheap.” Recently, I painted up a biker gang and some vehicles ... Read more

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