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CSW Hobby Night- FLGS Edition

Jon, Mike, and I got together for another hobby night. We had a great time, and everyone felt like they make good headway on their projects. Mike was running a GW Dreadnaught assembly line. He also managed to assemble some sort of Space Marines. Jon finished some fine detail work on this sweet Bushido dragon ... Read more

Quake and Mourn Campaign: Raid on the Arboria of Vitu Daru

(Editor’s note: We played the first session of our new fantasy campaign this week, with 7 players in attendance at Games Plus. We played at least 8 individual games and will try to produce battle reports on most of them.) In the first game, my Wild Druids of Vitu Daru were performing a ritual using ... Read more

Playtesting “This Is Not A Test”

Last week we had our regular game night at Games Plus, a venerable gaming establishment in suburban Chicago. Tim and I were planning to try out This Is Not A Test, a forthcoming post-apocalyptic ruleset being developed by Joseph McGuire. (Full disclosure: I did a bit of contract editing work for Joey on this product ... Read more

Carnage in New Chicago: Our 2nd Annual Halloween Zombie Game

This week we hosted the second installment in our annual Halloween zombies game. For our initial effort last year, Tim (our zombie gamemaster) set the bar pretty high, with a walk-right-up-and-play urban horror game featuring desperate survivors and mindless zombies. This year, we turned the dial up to 11 with more terrain, more players — ... Read more



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