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AAR Video- First try at Shadow War Armageddon!

A number of CSW members have a long-term love for the classic game Necromunda. So, we were quite excited to hear that Games Workshop was using the Necromunda ruleset as the basis for their 40k-setting warband skirmish game “Shadow War Armageddon”. Last Thursday I grabbed a few crates of terrain and 2 kill teams and ... Read more

Miniatures you’ve never seen: High Command sci-fi

Here at Chicago Skirmish Wargames, we’re big proponents of 28mm scale tabletop wargaming — on a budget. As well as buying from affordable outlets like Mega Minis, EM4 and Denizen, we also acquire lots of figures from companies or model lines that are now out of production. This occasional series of posts will dig deeper ... Read more



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