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AAR- The Imprudent Kidnappers: A Song of Blades and Heroes Battle Report

A recent Song of Blades and Heroes game with my son became an impromptu scenario creation session when he presented me with a table full of forest with a river and bridge on one side. On the spot I made up scenario- The Imprudent Kidnappers  -which I recommend briefly reading over to understand what follows ... Read more

The Imprudent Kidnappers- A Song of Blades and Heroes Scenario.

The Imprudent Kidnappers. A Song of Blades and Heroes Scenario By Karl Paulsen A band of ner-do-wells venture into the forbidden forest to attempt to kindap an elf. The elves of the forbidden forest are unimpressed and vow to wipe out the invaders.    Description A challenging scenario where the attacker have the seemingly simple ... Read more

AAR- Mutants and Death-Ray Guns

Soon after joining the Chicago Skirmish Wargames I was introduced to Ganesha Games’ Song of Blades and Heroes. I loved the fairly simple rules system. (Really simple compared to many of the G.W. rules systems.) I then looked into the other Ganesha Games products and found Mutants and Death Ray Guns. I love post-apocalyptic gaming ... Read more

Summer/Fall Campaign session 5- Trapped in the Pocket Dimension

As they enter the cavern of the clay and bronze statues, they notice a shiny silver box on the ground covered in dust laying there as if discarded.  Despite the dust, the shiny surface gleams through in places.  One of them picks it up (probably one of Karl’s chars) and rubs of the dust to ... Read more

CSW is hosting a game demo event at Green Fire Games

Chicago Skirmish Wargames is hosting a game demo event at a new local shop in our area! Green Fire Games opened recently, and has gaming space for 50! They specialize in board games, X-Wing, and various collectible card games like Magic The Gathering.   Here is a list of planned events: Song of Blades and ... Read more

The Laird and the Druid: A Song of Blades & Heroes Game Report

Mattias and I played a fantastic, fluff-driven Song of Blades and Heroes scenario last night. I supplied some terrain, and Mattias wrote an amazing scenario around it. Here’s a shot of the table. And here’s a bit of background, courtesy of Mattias. The game is set in the Wyrdwold, a darkly enchanting fantasy setting that ... Read more

Dark Days of Qaarra, Session 3: Defense of Dustcrag Oasis

We played the third session of our fantasy campaign this past week, and the evening was dominated by one big 4-player game for Karl, Tim, Josh and me. The scenario was a continuation of the narrative established during Josh’s ill-fated attempt at raiding the desert caravan in our last session. His battered warband retreated into ... Read more

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