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Exploring the Underworld with Dwarven Forge Game Tiles

I backed the Dwarven Forge Game Tiles Kickstarter earlier this year, and last week my pledge awards arrived: three sets of basic tiles plus all the extras that were unlocked during the (extremely) successful campaign. I was literally awash in rectangular dungeon walls and floors, and I immediately set about painting my dungeon tiles in ... Read more

Fully Painted: Stonehaven Dwarven Adventurers

Last November, I received my batch of loot from the fully funded Stonehaven Dwarven Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. As this was the first (and to date, only) Kickstarter I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve gotta say it was a great experience. The Stonehaven guys sent out timely, informative updates throughout the process, and my miniatures ... Read more



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