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Mech Attack Adepticon Playtest Report

The club is putting on its first-ever game at Adepticon next weekend, and so last week we got together to playtest the scenario we’ll be running there. The setup is similar to last year’s scenario: a raid where the attackers are aiming to destroy certain buildings in a built-up urban environment. The rest of the ... Read more

Robotech, Battletech and Mechwarrior Mechs for 28mm Wargaming

Thanks to a recent trade with a gentleman on DakkaDakka, I acquired a huge box of mech toys for 28mm gaming. With this acquisition of figures, my collection has gotten pretty big, so I took some time to write up a guide to Robogear, Battletech, Mechwarrior, Macross and other mecha suitabable for 28mm gaming. Throughout ... Read more

Alpha Strike Game Report and Review

At last week’s club night, Jon, Tyler and I tried Alpha Strike for the first time. Alpha Strike is the new game set in the Battletech universe, using simplified mechanics and terrain (rather than a hex map) to enable larger battles that play faster than the traditional Classic Battletech rules. Rather than using the usual ... Read more

Epic Photo Dump from Little Wars 2013

Little Wars took place the last weekend in April, and as in years past, the Chicago Skirmish Wargames crew was on hand to run a game. This year we elevated our ambitions a little bit by running Mech Attack, the fast-play sci-fi mech skirmish game, in 28mm. Mech Attack was written for much smaller scales, ... Read more

New plastic buildings from Proxie Models

Continuing my habit of working on projects with no bearing on the club’s current games, I recently acquired and assembled a couple of the new plastic buildings produced by Proxie Models. Though originally designed for 15mm scale miniatures, I will be using them for our 10mm scale sci-fi battles and have made a few modifications ... Read more

From the workbench: Converted plastic mechs

A number of months ago I sat down one evening and hacked out a bunch of conversions of the inexpensive plastic mechs sold by EM-4 Miniatures, and this week I finally got around to photographing them. These are by no means finished, but I thought I’d share some of the possibilities hidden in these 20-year-old ... Read more

More Mech Attack and Panzer 8 Gaming

Towards the end of last month, the club gathered again to play Mech Attack and Panzer 8, two rulesets we’ve been enjoying recently for 10mm scale sci-fi mass combat games. We had played these games two weeks prior, but we decided to give them one more evening of play before jumping into our winter post-apocalyptic ... Read more



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