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Fully Painted: Void Junkers and Neo-Soviets

Last week I finished two groups of figures: a Neo-Soviet warband for our upcoming post-apocalyptic campaign and a huge batch of Void Junkers Legionnaires that will likely see use in may different games. Neo-Soviets  This project was initiated by my acquisition a couple weeks ago of 6 Soviet NKVD troopers from the 25 cent bin ... Read more

Two reviews: Inkwell Industries and Mega Minis’ Salvage Crew

Today we’ll review two groups of miniatures: resin bases, barrels and wheels by Inkwell Industries, and the Salvage Crew from Mega Miniatures. Inkwell Industries: Bases, Barrels and Wheels Inkwell Industries is a one-man side project that has some good quality resin products at remarkable prices. This review will showcase their bases, barrels and tires, all ... Read more

28mm on the cheap: Mega Miniatures

Though not as cheap as the dollar-per-miniature goal that we strive for, a few companies today make quality metal 28mm miniatures that range from $1.50 to $3 a piece. Building a 100-figure, Warhammer 40k-style army can be expensive even at this low price — though less so than with Games Workshop products — but warband ... Read more



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