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Fully Painted: Post-Apocalyptic Russian Scavengers

Earlier this year I decided to look into purchasing some select models from Ratnik Miniatures, a small-batch Russian manufacturer distributed by Lead Adventure Miniatures (and sold domestically here in the U.S. of A. by Cool Mini or Not). Imagine my surprise (and glee!) when I strolled over to CMON and saw that the entirety of ... Read more

Post-Apocalyptic Greenhouse Scratchbuild, Part 2 – Painting

Painting the greenhouse occurred in record time. Well… record time for me, that is. Ask anyone in the club and they will concur: my painting process can be glacially slow. I started with a black base coat on the bits and bobs attached to the model as accessories. For this, I used black acrylic gesso ... Read more

Carnage in New Chicago: Our 2nd Annual Halloween Zombie Game

This week we hosted the second installment in our annual Halloween zombies game. For our initial effort last year, Tim (our zombie gamemaster) set the bar pretty high, with a walk-right-up-and-play urban horror game featuring desperate survivors and mindless zombies. This year, we turned the dial up to 11 with more terrain, more players — ... Read more



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