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Necromunda Campaign: Lower Wacker Hive, Session #2

The second round of our Necromunda campaign took place a couple weeks ago. Here’s the account of the two encounters between the Panther Moderns and Fjord’s Folly.  Van Saar leader Fjord is not known for his success or his common sense, so it was no surprise that when his gang Fjord’s Folly encountered the Delaque-affiliated ... Read more

Dust Tenements + Mantic Battlezones = Cyberpunk City

After building a set of seven urban buildings based on the Dust Tactics Warzone Tenements, I felt that I had nearly exhausted the possibilities of this kit. But once I got my hands on a batch of Mantic Battlezone sprues — which are packed with nice detail, but can often result in modular, samey-looking structures ... Read more

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