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Through The World of Mini-ing. World Model Expo 2017, Exposed!

Few things in life truly infatuate me. The connections between light speed and causality. Missing pieces of the standard model of particle physics. The disparity between social ritual and necessity, and often my lack of either. ;D Actually, I guess I get infatuated with a lot of crap. It’s in my nature, but it makes ... Read more

CSW Hobby Night- Terrain and Clan Wars

Tim and I got together for a productive hobby night. Tim worked on assembly and painting, and I worked on some terrain. Tim did some cleanup on this large bag of metal minis from numerous manufacturers. He also cleaned and prepped some Aetherium ResX models. He started painting these Clan Wars spearmen to use in ... Read more

Tutorial: SaltNHairspray Rust: Shake It, Shake It Real Good!

*cue music, you know you want to: doo doodoo doo. doo. doodoo doo doodoo* The deeper I get in to this hobby, the more I’m reflecting on my masochistic tendencies. Why do we slave over these little, tiny dudes and dudettes? Why are we trying to recreate these fantastic battle scenes from overhead, like a ... Read more

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