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The Battle of Ten-Pike: A Wreck-Age Battle Report

Last night CSW met at Games Plus with some folks from Hyacinth Games, developers of Wreck-Age, a new post-apocalyptic skirmish game. They ran a special four-player event for us called The Battle of Ten-Pike. Wreck-Age, as you might have heard, takes place on a future earth that has been abandoned by the rich and powerful, ... Read more

Playtest: 28mm Mech Attack Scenario for Little Wars

It’s been our club tradition to run a multiplayer tabletop wargames scenario at Little Wars, an annual convention scheduled for April 26-28 in suburban Chicago. This year Karl had the great idea to run Mech Attack using 28mm figures. The game is normally designed for 10mm or 15mm mass combat figures. So at 28mm, we’ll ... Read more

Days Gone By: Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Kicks Off

Chicago Skirmish Wargames’ post-apocalyptic campaign, tentatively titled “Days Gone By,” kicked off last week with our first session at Games Plus. We set up three games, though I only managed to gather photos from a couple. For the rules, we’re using This Is Not A Test (TNT), a ruleset under development right now and hopefully ... Read more

Apocalypticum playtest, trying out vehicle rules

Last week we had our second playtest session for Apocalypticum, the forthcoming post-apocalyptic ruleset from Ganesha Games. Feedback from the game creator after our initial session helped us fine-tune our expectations for this game. We ended up devising a 3-player scenario — due to a snowy Chicago evening that stymied some gamers’ travel plans. The ... Read more

Playtesting Apocalypticum, the forthcoming ruleset by Ganesha Games

Last week our club had the pleasure of playtesting a draft version of the upcoming Apocalypticum ruleset by Ganesha Games. Apocalypticum is a post-apocalyptic game, essentially a modified version of Ganesha’s Mutants and Death Ray Guns title, which is itself inspired by Song of Blades & Heroes, our club’s favorite fantasy skirmish game. So you ... Read more

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