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[SBH] Arcane and Deadly Objects

CSW comrade Mattias, whose grim hunchymen faced off against Pat’s dwarves in a Song of Blades & Heroes game late last year, recently published a wondrous two-page supplement that’s sure to jazz up your fantasy games. Arcane and Deadly Objects is a random table of wily, vile and downright delicious equipment to use in your SBH ... Read more

Play Report: Neutron York 3000 for Post-Apocalyptic Gaming

This week the club got together to playtest Neutron York 3000 as a potential ruleset for our post-apocalyptic campaign. NY3K is a fast paced warband-size skirmish game set in a pulpy post-apocalyptic future. It has it’s own fluff, factions and even a small miniatures line, but also has a unit creation mechanic that allows you ... Read more



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