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Summer/Fall Campaign session 5- Trapped in the Pocket Dimension

As they enter the cavern of the clay and bronze statues, they notice a shiny silver box on the ground covered in dust laying there as if discarded.  Despite the dust, the shiny surface gleams through in places.  One of them picks it up (probably one of Karl’s chars) and rubs of the dust to ... Read more

Summer/Fall Campaign Session 4 – Seeking Eziko’s Bane

We now return to a time when, to quote a great author of antiquity “men were men, women were women, and small furry creatures from alpha centauri were small furry creatures from alpha centauri…” We rejoin our band of valiant heroes and brave if slightly kleptomaniacal furry animal kin on their quest. Having rescued the ... Read more

What We Did Between Blogs (part 1, gaming)

Anyone looking at our blog will notice that there is a significant gap between the new and old posts.  You might be wondering what happened while the blog was on hiatus? Well, don’t fear! Chicago Skirmish Wargames has continued our regular games and even started a new fantasy campaign.This post will catch you up on ... Read more



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