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Tomorrow’s War: Operation Snakepit

Once again, Josh and I had the day off, and so with snow in the forecast, we decided to sneak in a quick game of Tomorrow’s War. We used our previous scenario as the jumping-off point for this battle. Operation Snakepit Colony World: Fornacis III  Area: New Tupelov  Following their decisive victory in New Tupelov’s ... Read more

Tomorrow’s War: Skirmish at Evac Zone Fulcrum

Here’s the battle report from the second of two games of Tomorrow’s War we played last weekend. My opponent in this game was Josh, who fielded his Dark Angels space marines as heavily armored shock troops against my platoon of mercenary soldiers from Col. Markham’s Thunderbolts. In my previous game, these mercenaries had been badly ... Read more

Tomorrow’s War report: Operation Scrub Down

Operation Scrub Down Colony World: Elysium Prime Area: Cronid South Timber Sector Rural pacification efforts continue apace on Elysium Prime, with the Terran Heavy Infantry establishing forward fire bases to guard against a local insurrection funded and armed by the Neo-Soviet Empire. In the Cronid South sector, rebels lurking in the heavily forested hills claimed ... Read more



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