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Fully Painted: Barbarians of Frostvale

I’m slowly developing bits and pieces of Frostvale, my homebrew fantasy setting, which will exist alongside our club campaign world to create fun options for scenarios and crossover games. The setting represents my fantasy ideal — a windswept, Scandinavian-inspired land of teetering mountains, dark forests, mysterious runestones, benighted dungeons, tumbledown ruins, overgrown altars, lonely watchtowers, ... Read more

The Warband Project, Part One

  Since becoming involved in Chicago Skirmish Wargames, I’ve made it my mission to collect a diverse array of fantasy miniatures from a variety of manufacturers and game lines. Because the games we play don’t require any particular set of figures, I’ve been able to pick up pretty much any old miniature, kit or blister ... Read more

Chaos Ratmen, or the Origins of Skaven

Everyone has them: miniatures that for whatever reason, you associate strongly with your hobby origin story. For me, these old-school Chaos Ratmen are some of those miniatures. Produced in 1986, these guys were a decade old when I arrived in wargaming in 1996. And although I never played Warhammer Fantasy, seeing these awesome figures in ... Read more

Battle Report: Open Combat by Second Thunder

Last week the club came together to try out Open Combat, the new medieval/fantasy ruleset by Second Thunder. The game was written by Carl Brown, a former Games Workshop creative type, with additional development from Gav Thorpe, a current Games Workshop creative type. Open Combat is designed to give a simple, concise skirmish game with ... Read more

More Reinforcements: Knights and Warjacks for Kings of War

Recently I added two new units to my Kings of War chaos army: a unit of warjacks and a block of chaos knights. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, what? Warjacks in Kings of War? I thought you could only use them in that other game?” Well, if you’re a regular reader of this ... Read more

Quake and Mourn Campaign: Raid on the Arboria of Vitu Daru

(Editor’s note: We played the first session of our new fantasy campaign this week, with 7 players in attendance at Games Plus. We played at least 8 individual games and will try to produce battle reports on most of them.) In the first game, my Wild Druids of Vitu Daru were performing a ritual using ... Read more

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