Identifying and Statting your Mechwarrior Figures for Alpha Strike

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Identifying and Statting your Mechwarrior Figures for Alpha Strike

Postby Eilif » Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:36 am

A brief guide to Identifying your Mechwarrior figures and acquiring their Unit cards for Alpha Strike.

Part 1
Identifying your unit.

If your unit has the clix base intact, you can proabably head straight to step 2

If you don't have the clix base and want to identify your unit, head to Warrenborn...
... and click on the icon that matches your faction (should be on every mech and vehicle unit)

You may have to click on a number of units until you find a picture of which figure you have, but the names are fairly suggestive. If you find a unit that just has a character name and no type noted, you can usually find a non-unique version in the same list.

Part 2
Getting the Alpha Strike cards.

Go to (you can always return to this page by cliking the "Units" button in the grey area at the top of the screen)
-Enter the name of your unit in the search box in the upper left corner.
You will almost always get a long list of unit variants.

As an example, here's what happens when I enter the term "spider"
Note the long list of variants.

-Look at the "Rules" column. You will almost always want to stick with "Interoductory" or "Standard" to keep the level of complicating special rules down.

When you click on a unit's name it should bring up a page that shows the Alpha Strike card at the top. Clicking on the second unit in the Spider list brings up this unit:
It's an Introductory-level Spider variant. Easy to play, with only one special rule.

-If you click on the orange "+Force" button on the upper right side of the screen you can add that unit to your force.

-Clicking on the "Force" tab (in the grey) in roughly the upper middle of the screen and selecting "Alpha Strike Builder" will let you see what units you have added to your force, allow you to adjust the pilot level, and with the "Print PDF" button you can create a PDF of all the unit cards for that force.
Note that you can search for units and compile them right from the Alpha Strike Builder but the search results will not show the rules level and other valuable information. They will show the most basic Alpha Strike stats though. I much prefer the main MUL search function that is always available by clicking on the "Units" button.

A few other notes about using the "Units" search.
-"PV" is the points value for Alpha Strike
-In general, the more advanced versions of a mech will be the later versions which will can generally be deduced by looking at the PV or the year "Intro"
-If you want to get really deep into the system, you can customize your units on the page for each individual unit. Some Mechwarrior clix units are pretty weird variants so this might be the best way to represent them precisely if that's your thing.

I want it to be as easy as possible for folks to get the AS cards for their units so let me know if you have any questions or clarifications.
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