AAR- Checkpoint Bravo: Gaslands Race!

Here is where you will find our bat-reps, complete with photos!
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AAR- Checkpoint Bravo: Gaslands Race!

Postby gattz » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:39 am

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I must say, this Gaslands game is making waves. The initial book printing sold out, and has since been reprinted. Apparently, lots of gamers are excited about souping up their vehicles and bringing their favorite pulp apocalyptic death car movies to life! Well, not real life, in which the people on Chicago highways already seem to do...but miniature scale real life! Revving those engines! On our first road test, we all saw the potential of the system. The rules are thematic, and easy to follow, but also gamey enough to inject some clever tactical decisions. In our second match, we decided to try ...

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