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Old School DungeonCrawl: Advanced Heroquest

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:29 am
by Eilif
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Tim, Terrence, Mattias and I dipped into the past last week with a try at the GW classic Advanced Heroquest. That none of us have Advanced Heroquest proved to be no barrier at all. PDF's of the rules are readily available and we already have plenty of figures, dice and a dry-erasable mat (to use in place of dungeon corridor card pieces). These are the pre-made characters we used. -Magnus the Bright (Wizard) -Torallion Leafstar (Elf) -Heinrich  Löwen (Human Warrior) -Sven Hammerhelm (Dwarf) ...and the miniatures we chose to represent those characters, positioned at the entrance to the first hallway. The Advanced Heroquest rules contain a system ...