AAR- Mech Attack Battle at Adepticon 2022

Here is where you will find our bat-reps, complete with photos!
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AAR- Mech Attack Battle at Adepticon 2022

Postby Eilif » Wed Apr 06, 2022 1:25 pm

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As noted in the earlier post, this March was the return of Adepticon and CSW's almost-famous big 28mm Mech Attack game. What follows is an overview and pictures of that battle. This was the first year in which we had a full signup and an equally long waiting list. Every player on the signup and a couple of hopefuls showed up! After a rules presentation, each player was given a Heavy Mecha, a unit of infantry and either an APC or a medium mech. The scenario was a modified version of the "Battle of Borschtegrad" from 2014 and 15. Now, in ...

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